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I *Heart* Chocolate Chip Cookies


When people dig into my homemade chocolate chunk, white chocolate chip, apricot, and pistachio cookies, I like to shrug my shoulders, smile, and say things like this:  Oh, these simple cookies. I whipped them up while I was puttering around the house.

And really, they are very easy to mix up and bake. You can even make the dough a day ahead, which makes for a nicer cookie, easier to handle and bake.  Cookies where the dough is allowed to sit have a softer texture and a better finished shape.

I use the classic Nestle's Toll House recipe, add an extra half cup each of white chocolate chips, chopped dried apricots and of chopped pistachios.  And bless Nestle's pea-picking heart, they put the receta en EspaƱol too.

Fisticuffs almost broke out over the empty platter at the last BBQ I took them too.   


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