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Little_india_food_pix_061_2 The best things in life seem to happen organically.

One minute you're dreaming and the next minute you're doing.

I believe in the pure connection between creativity and action, the interesting and satisfying way that imagination charges outcome, the feeding of curiosity. 

The reasons I continue to eat - aside from the obvious - and cook are directly linked to this belief. I love to see and, of course, taste the ways that people explore their creativity through the palate and cuisine.  It's an endlessly fascinating subject.

I'm now browsing a cookbook aptly named Seductions of Rice by the authors Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid, who together have penned and photographed a number of stunning cookbooks that are filled with exquisite recipes, photographs and travelogue.  Their cookbooks, to me, are a perfect way to while away a day.

What generally happens when I'm reading a book like this (or browsing a site like FoodBuzz), I want to pack my bags and hit the road, noshing everywhere along the journey. To satisfy the craving to travel and taste, I usually grab my Metro card and go.  I'm very fortunate to eat and live in a major metropolitan area that has a lively dining life.

Recently, I jumped on the train to little India in Jackson Heights, Queens, to relive in a couple of hours my visit to the subcontinent and my cravings for the hot fresh breads, spicy chutneys and pickles that we ate there morning noon and night.  Lovely!


Tom Aarons

Hey there saucy tart. I always figure that even though I can't do much traveling these days, I can move my kitchen from country to country! :)

I haven't read the Seductions of Rice. I have Hot Sour Salty Sweet now and that's just awesome. It's good to know the others are great too, and I'll be sure to look them up. Thanks!


thanks Angela! coming from someone who has such an incredibly well-written and photographed site, I am extra pleased by the compliment.


I know what you mean -- I love traveling to eat -- and when I can't travel abroad I do the same as you -- hop on the metro and go somewhere interesting and new in the city. Your blog is terrific. What a nice discovery!

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