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Leftovers for Lunch

Food_pix_blogade_003_2I'm a brown bag lunch kind of person.  When I'm working away from my home office, I'm toting my tiffin of lovely leftovers. 

However, when I'm home I have the kitchen and all it's paraphernalia at my disposal. 

Recently I've been on an avocado craze. Guacomole, slices stuffed in sandwiches, chunks cubed in salads, big spoonfuls scooped straight from the shell.

So, when I got hungry for my midday meal I headed straight for my buttery Haas avocado nicely ripened and ready to eat.

This lunch is so, so easy.  Heat a pocketless pita ( a few flips over the gas grill works), then layer with fresh romaine, grape tomatoes and leftover chicken (I used the Yummy BBQ #1).  You can dress it or not and I didn't.  But some nice additions are a sesame-tahini dressing or a simple creamy tzatziki.



Thanks! It was one terrific sammie!

Tom Aarons

They might be leftovers, but they look absolutely delicious. Yum!

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