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Pick a Peck of Basil & Make Pesto!


I bought a huge bunch of basil at the farmer's market.  The smell of fresh basil is wonderfully pungent and a welcome burst of flavor as seasoning or garnish, but the herb itself has a very short life in the fridge.

To make the most of my purchase, I used it in a coconut fish curry, in pomodoro sauce, and finally to make a little pesto for a quick lunch of pasta with fresh ricotta.

I'm really not supposed to eat cow's milk products.  I like them, but they don't like me.  Next time I'm going to use goat cheese. I promise.

There was a bit of pesto left over, so I threw that in a container and stashed it in the freezer for another quick meal.

I still have some basil left, just beginning to discolor, so I'm going to add that to the leek greens, carrots, onion and thyme that will go into making a vegetable stock to freeze for soup bases.

My freezer is beginning to burst at the seams, but I'll be glad of it on those fall nights after school and work when there's barely time to turn around before bed.

My mother is of the waste not, want not school of thought. I learned my lesson well too. Quick meals ought not to come at the expense of  nutrition or pinch the purse.  With a little planning and foresight, you can have it all -- quality food high in nutritive value, economy, and speed.



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