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Mom was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I like breakfast so much that sometimes I have it for dinner!

There is a benefit to following the inverted pyramid method -- eating your big meal in the beginning of the day and gradually decreasing the amount of food you eat. For starters, you eat less during the day if you start it off with protein, fruits and grains.   A light dinner makes for easier digestion and better sleep.

I don't particularly care for cereal. It's quick and if you have young kids, they can make their own breakfast on Saturday morning so you can sleep in.  General Mills and company should use this gem as a marketing tool. I guarantee the Sugar Pops would fly off the shelves.

But, all kidding aside (wink-wink), I like to have breakfasts that look posh but are actually pretty effortless.  So much the better if I can have a delicious and nutritious breakfast for my evening repast.

One of my favorites: a simple omelette served with a dollop of sour cream topped with a big spoonful of caviar.  Looks fabulous, tastse great and takes mere minutes to prepare.  The special-ness factor runs high when you break out the caviar. 

Celebrate your special-ness.  



Totally agree, although I tend to eat heavy at lunch but keep dinner light.
I don't think I've bought cereal in years.

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