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 Holiday cookies

I absolutely love baking holiday cookies. 

I've been trying to find the best holiday cookie recipes to share as gifts and for cookie exchange parties.

One of my favorite recipes is a fruitcake bar recipe that is easy, rich and gives lie to the notion that fruitcake is indigestible, has a shelf life just shy of 90 years, and is, well, the boring holiday treat.

I usually make a few dozen of these delicious bars to give as gifts (and nibble on too).  They're ideal. Whoopie pies aren't elegant,but they're decadent and no one ever turns them down.

While they're delicous, they're not showstoppers.  They're the red-headed stepchildren when it comes to looks.

I like a little more flash when  it comes to a party exchange.  These cookies full of chocolate-y goodness are beautiful and tasty. Or try these pretty starbursts of chocolate and peppermint.

This Linzer-look cookie is festive and can be made in other holiday shapes like stars and bells too.  These iced Five Spice Ginger Snaps are visually spectacular, but so simple to decorate. These traditional seven layer cookies are gorgeous and tempting.

Bake a bunch. Create an unusual gift presentation and go.


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