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Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn - Living Room

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Consider what goes into your morning cup of joe. It's more than simply water and ground beans. 

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn, with 30 acres of hard bean coffee which is certified organic and sustainable, provides travelers an opportunity to see for themselves.

Caffiene fiends can take part in the hands-on production and cultivation of their morning coffee (well not literally that morning). 

Guests of the inn are encouraged to participate in the picking, processing and roasting of Finca Rosa Blanca coffee as well as touring the farm and learning about the history of  coffee -- how it was discovered, traded, and consumed, while touring the stunning landscape. Inn guests do it all -- from processing coffee, including cleaning the berries and drying the coffee toy roasting their own coffee

Highlights of a visit yo Finca Rosa is a “coffee cupping” session with Barista and Tour Guide, Leo Vergnani. The walk ends with - what else -- a visit to their Inn's coffee bar, where participants learn to make cappuccino, café latte, and espresso coffee. Naturally, they get to drink their hard work.

Two-hour tours cost $25 and include the cupping session, the coffee break and pastries. The inn provides visitors with hiking sticks, and slickers in case of rain. Accommodations from $290.


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