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This week's Word Munch

Thie is - gasp - LEFTOVERS. Savory Lamb Pie

Here's some food for thought in case you have spare minutes away from being a fabulous Kitchen Goddess or God.

I'll pass on the cider doughnuts and pickles with maple syrup for dipping.  The Hungry Mouse is featuring fantastic Maple Cream Fudge this week, using my fav - good, rich & thick maple syrup.  Yummm.

Culinary Types amazes with LEFTOVERS.  Organic roast leg of lamb is the hero of this story, the happy remains of a feast wrapped beautifully in puff pastry. Voila! Savory Lamb Pie.

Always wanted to know what to do with those exotic Asian ingredients?  Wonder no more.  Sunday Nite Dinner is the word. And what gorgeous photography. Fresh Bamboo with Pork anyone?

The Cupcake Queen is my American Idol.  Way More Than 52 Cupcakes has a Super birthday cupcake surprise fit for a legend.  Wish she would send me a few dozen of those babies for my birthday next month.

When in Singapore, eat where Gastronomic Ruminations eats - wiping a bit of drool with my sleeve here.  This week - rustic French Soul Food.  Where is my passport?  Reserve my seat at the table, please.


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