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Travel Smarter with Nintendo DSi

You know you want it.

When I'm packing for a trip, I have to do it twice.  The first time, I pack everything I think I need and the second time, I take out all the crap that will languish unused. 

Editing is essential in these days of fees for checked baggage.

Most of the time I travel with two bags -- both carry-on.  One for clothes and toiletries, the other for camera, mini-notebook, and electronic accoutrements.  I will not bore you with hand sanitizer and lip balm stories.

With the cell phone, the iPod, the camera, the chargers, extra batteries, etc, not to mention my kid's essentials, my handbag bulges and my back groans from the effort. Though I keep working to streamline, there is only so much you can do when you need your gadgets.

This is where Nintendo comes in - those purveyors of magic and wit and whimsy. 

For short trips where my Nikon is not a must, the DSi would be ideal for me.  Lately so much of my time is spent micro-blogging that I want one just for the Twit Pics potential. And since its entertainment value was upped exponentially, I could keep the boy happy - and myself too - if I ever manage to get my mitts on the thing once the boy is sucked in.

Not surprisingly, the new Nintendo DSi steps up the game for entertainment platforms -  touch screen, SD slot interactive camera that points and shoots your world and yourself, music player, voice recorder, and gaming system.

The only thing this sleeker, slimmer version of the 100 million-selling system doesn't do is dishes or phone calls.

I don't have to tell the smart people at Nintendo about my innovative ideas. I'm pretty sure if it's a concept I've considered, then they've been thinking about it for at least a year now.

Um - I don't need Magic Eight Ball to tell me what to do. When the DSi launches April 5 in North America, I'll be queued to pick it up like the rest of the gadget and game lovers.



Sorry to do this to you...lol

Maura Alia Badji

I have pointedly ignored all print ads and tv spots for this type of product. Now I have to add this to my wish list! Dang!

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