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Let's make a deal day


I may be easy, but I'm not cheap.  Or is it the other way?  I forget. Oh, well.

Today is all about the deal.  Since I have years of experience in making silk purses out of sow's ears, this subject is one near and dear to my crusty heart.

I'm pretty sure there are a few of you out there who are unprepared for the holiday weekend.  I belong in this category, but I'm going away, so really all I care about is the chocolate extravaganza more commonly known as my Easter basket. 

This weekend the food is up to someone else.  

But what about you,  unprepared you?  

You haven't bought a fabulous, frugal cut of meat to marinate then roast or grill until it is tender, crusted perfection. Nor have you spent the last two weeks excitedly exploring FoodPairings to determine if bacon and lavender really does make a great ice cream flavor.

No, you are waiting for - what - a last minute invitation.  Wait no longer.  You have an out and it is this: Essex's $16 Weekend brunch, Saturday & Sunday 11-4, complete with 3 cocktails (Bloody Mary, Screwdriver or Mimosa - hey, how about one of each).  

Or if you can't roll out of bed that early, the Essex does it all again at Sundown from 4:30-8.  I like.

And because I love you dearies, here is a little extra something-something.  Restaurant.com offers discounted gift certificates to hundreds of restaurants - and we're not talking Applebee's -  here, there and everywhere in the US.  

Purchase $25 gift certificates for $10-15, good for a year with some restrictions.  Read the fine print.


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