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Ordinarily I would not find myself coveting my neighbor's wife as it were.  But I have to make an exception in this case.  

I, who have been pondering a share in my local CSA, buying direct from farms to nourish myself and support my local farmers, am now wishing I lived in South Williamsburg, or at least a little closer.

Why all the covetouus behavior?

Well. my local CSA sounds terrific, but they don't offer a share in locally grown wines from Long Island's Bridge Vineyard (or wine tastings at their Williamsburg tasting room Bridget on Broadway). Southside CSA does this and more.

Southside CSA is the first to offer wine shares.  Full shares from Bridge are $360 for 20 weeks or half share $180 for 10 distributions.  New York state offerings are $400, full share, and $200, half share.

I'm more than a little green.  I want my super-fresh squash blossoms to stuff with ricotta and finish with Fleur de Sel and my little sip too.


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