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Tender young rabbit for Mother's day menu

All the delightful bounty of spring - two whole poussin, one rabbit fryer, two veal chops, and a pound of earthy mixed mushrooms - at the special price of $79.

D'Artagnan's very tender and young chicken are naturally raised on a clean diet of whole grains and are free of growth hormones an antibiotics.

The farm-raised rabbit fryer, fed on sweet alfalfa, oats and barley - growth hormone and antibiotic free - is young, lean and tender, suitable for frying, grilling or roasting.

Raised in a stress-free environment, D'Artagnan's veal comes from calves allowed to roam freely in groups of no more than 40 with 24-hour access to pure water and high quality milk proteins products only. 

Celebrate Mother's Day with a menu featuring spring's best bounty.


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