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Small vintner Fanucchi produces Old Vines Zin and Trousseau Gris

Trousseau Gris grapes ready to pick Looking for a wine that's something else again?

You might search out a bottle of Fanucchi Vineyards Trousseau Gris or Old Vines Zinfandel.  

The wines come from small vintner Peter Fanucchi, who has hand tended his 100 plus years old vineyards in the Russian River Valley for 38 seasons.  

Distributed primarily in California, the Fanucchi wines are award-winning and distinctive for their terroir and varietals.

Robert Parker, writing in the Wine Advocate, describes the Old Vines Zin as "delicious, well-made, and admirably expresses the fruit characteristics of Zinfandel more than many other wines from this vintage."

Fanucchi describes Trousseau Gris: 

crisp, clean, flowery bouquet with flavors of fresh peaches, honeysuckle, pear, melon, delicate spice and tropical fruit flavors which makes it a delightful compliment to a wide array of foods! Compare its “nose” to Viognier or Marsanne, with a gentler spice than a dry Gewürztraminer and far, far, more fruit than the best Pinot Gris could ever hope for!

Old Vines retails for $50; Trousseau Gris for $24.  Deep discounts on multiple bottles and cases, and free overnight shipping in California.

Buy it online or visit the Fulton, CA vineyard.


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