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Anotherthyme, a fixture in downtown Durham since 1982, and one of the many restaurants - SomeThyme and Pyewacket (both shuttered in 2002) - nurtured by restaurateur and culinary visionary, Mary Bacon, has closed its doors.

I was a newly graduated college student when I first ate at AnotherThyme, a restaurant which inspired my passion for good, fresh food beautifully prepared and presented. The restaurant was ahead of its time and was at the forefront of a desperately needed downtown revitalization as well as a foodie movement that has seeded an enthusiasm  for sustainable foods and locavore tastes.

I loved its Morning Star Salad, which featured cottage cheese, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, apples, raisins, sunflower seeds, cashews, white cheddar, and mesclun greens with a creamy Umeboshi Plum dressing.  The salad was delicious and a favorite remaining on the menu until its closing.

According to Neil Offen of The Herald-Sun, the restaurant was sold for about $400,000 and will re-open under new ownership.


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