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Game Party 3 great for family fun

Game Party 3 great for family fun

Anyone who knows me well knows I am a klutz.  If it's five miles out of the way, I can trip over my shoelace, somehow bump into the coffee table and raise a nasty purple bruise. 

Still, I persist with the notion that I am sporty. One of the reasons I love the Wii is that it enables my fantasy.

The fantasy  lives on with Game Party 3's pick-up-and-play games like Croquet, Bocce Ball , Racquetball and Mini Golf. 

After creating our own players (even with all the customization options, I wasn't able to get the zaftig look I possess in the real world), we were ready for the challenge of six different game zones - lounge, sports, family fun, rec room, back yard and country club.  

We aren't ready to join the Shuffleboard set, but instead are more of the Root Beer Tapper sort.  Feeling frustrated with our scores, we played a little Smack-a-Troll to vent. I liked Croquet but my son was bored quickly. 

We clearly have different gaming styles. I'm a casual gamer but my son is serious about his gaming. The higher the stakes, the better he liked the game.

The best thing about Game Party 3 is that it provided a platform for my son and me to play together, to do something he likes a lot without having to attempt to learn a million different signature moves.  Yes, I love the Wii intuitive remote.

Developed by Warner Bros. Interactive,Game Party 3 is perfect play for the family or for a crowd - up to four can play or in tournament mode up to 16.

Ranging from Billiards to Trivia, there are 19 games to appeal to everyone in your crowd. Retails for $29.99.

It's rated E for Everyone, but if you're squeamish about hitting then Smack-a-Troll is not going to be for you.


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