Host a holiday cookie exchange party
Give generously to CAMBA's Beyond Hunger food pantry

Take care of that man's skin

It doesn't have to be this complicated 

 Holiday help for tired skin is not for women only. The men in our lives need a little pampering too.

There are lots of ways to help your man incorporate good skin care habits.

  • Especially in winter when staying hydrated is crucial to keeping skin healthy and to prevent drying, you can encourage drinking plenty of water simply by packing a bottle of water in your man's bag each morning. He'll be 16 ounces closer to the 64 ounces he needs daily.
  • Nobody knows your man's face like you do. Splurge on a skin care system suited to his lifestyle and skin type. Keep it simple for the man who isn't used to a skin care routine - gentle foaming cleanser and moisturizer with sunscreen to start.  You can promote deep cleansing facials by giving him the treatment.
  • Make sure the meals you both eat are balanced and nutritionally sound. It may sound simple, but junk food means junk skin. Take your multi-vitamins.
  • Exercise (sex counts!) gets the heart rate up and improves metabolism. Sweating clears pores and detoxes the body. Get your man moving.
  • Sleep eight hours a night. The body rejuvenates itself during sleep.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol intake. Too much alcohol dehydrates and robs the body of Vitamin A, an invaluable anti-oxidant.


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