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New Leaf Tea: Tiger is out of the cage

Tiger half & half - the tea that's a lemonade tooThe good folks at New Leaf Brands sent us a case of tasty teas to try this week.

So far we're pretty amazed at the flavors these ready-to-drink organic cane juice sweetened teas pack.  There's a tea for every taste - from green, blue, white and black teas combined with real fruit juices. 

These drinks contain no high fructose corn syrup and nothing artificial, just real teas and real juices.

They're quite refreshing and delicious - ideal for these too,too hot summer days we've been suffering.

Our favorites:

  • Tiger Half and Half Iced Tea Lemonade - usually I like my tea to be tea and my lemonade to be just that, but no more. I'm a Tiger convert. Not too sweet & not too tart. Just right.
  • Lemon Blue Tea - notice a theme here?  Dried Oolong tea leaf is bluish in color and is the base for this crisp, citrusy tea drink. the addition of Panax Ginseng Extract and Ginkgo Biloba Extract make me feel smarter and more energetic whether it's fact or fiction.
  • Honeydew White Tea - Clean and fragrant flavors of ripe melon fused with white leaf teas make for a long, cool drink.  I like mine straight up, but over crushed ice is nice too.
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Marty Wahnstein

Is this a PAID blog post??????? Is the poster affiliated with New Leaf???? Something smells here, and I don't think it smells like tea!

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