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Good-bye cream-filled cupcakes

Good-bye cream-filled cupcakes. Hello, carrot sticks.

If you are what you eat, then today I'm a huge cream-filled lovely. 

In a last splurge before the real discipline of eating better, which here means less of everything, but most especially less dessert, I indulged last night in my all-time favorite junk food treat, the cream-filled chocolate cupcake. 

This morning, I smugly eat my oatmeal, yet secretly desire cake.  Jamie Oliver would be proud, sort of.

Really, all you gi-normous muffin eaters know that what you really, really want when you're eating that allegedly healthy berry-packed, sugar-crusted muffin is a giant slab of buttercream frosted cake.

You're transparent as glass; squeaky shiny clean Windexed glass at that.  Otherwise you'd be eating one of those shriveled up muffins made with applesauce instead of butter that tastes like a mouthful of cedar chip from the hamster cage.

Tell the truth now.

Do you really, really want a muffin?  Or do you really, realy want cake?

This oatmeal is a poor substitute, but surely my thighs will thank me for my perseverance later.


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