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Just Grill This! Sam the Cooking Guy

Sam the Cooking Guy's got a new cookbook, Just Grill This (Wiley, Paperback, 272 pp, April 2011) out just in time for my favorite time of year - grilling season.

Now I know some of you are hardcore and grill outside year-round but I'm just as happy with my indoor grill pan. I just can't get into being bundled up like the Michelin Tire Man to throw my kebabs on the grill.

This is a great little book to have when you're done with the same old, same old recipes.  From the Grilled Bacon & Mashed Potato Pizza to the Grilled Coconut Shrimp, there's a recipe to please just about any palate.

Sam Zien, twelve-time Emmy award winner and host of Sam the Cooking Guy, loads us down with fun, tasty and easy to prepare recipes.

Hop on over to Amazon from my page and check it out!


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