Just Grill This! Sam the Cooking Guy

No more grated knuckles


If you love freshly grated ginger like I love it, but hate the hassle of grating - and the occasional grated knuckle - you must have this lovely wooden grater.  

The answer to your ginger grating issues, it's easy to use, simple to clean and very inexpensive.  I got mine in NYC's Chinatown (practically any well-equipped Chinese grocery will have one).

I paid $2 for no more bloody knuckles and no more ruined meals.  

Tip:  When I used to work at a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant, the chefs peeled and grated fresh ginger which they then froze to use later.  

You can do this too and the little wooden grater makes it easy.

Mix your grated ginger with just a little water and put it in ice cube trays, then freeze.  Once frozen, pop the cubes into a ziplock bag for instant ginger zip!


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