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Swiss Chard, Beets, Garlic and Mesclun, Oh My


Today we spent some time in the garden getting a little dirt under our fingernails. Well, I really was the gopher - going for the seeds and the fertilizer, holding the chicken wire while my brother made a cover for the raised beds. We're hoping to keep the squirrels out. They enjoy terrorizing the garden, digging up the tender mesclun and the just-barely-pushed-through-the-dirt seedlings. It's an ongoing struggle. The entire garden is enclosed to keep the deer out. They like fresh veggies too. Then inside the fenced garden there needs to be cover to keep out the squirrels and bunnies. Everyone eats their veggies in our neck of the woods!

It was a fine day for gardening. The birds were chirping with the exception of a woodpecker who was hammering away, marking his territory. The daffodils and pansies were bright splashes of color - yellow and purple jewels. It was a sunny morning and not too cold for a change. The rain came later on its little rain feet and just in time to water the freshly sown seeds. We planted mesclun, spinach, sugar snap peas and beets. Again. The squirrels had been at work. 

With luck and care, we're looking forward to a good crop of lovely organic vegetables.  



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