Tweet deals on travel with Twitter

Twitter Twitter users - Tweeps - are getting the goods when it comes to travel bargains as more airlines, hotels and travel companies are tweeting deals and discounts.

Who knew play - ahem - social media could be such a great way to save money?

The NY Times Practical Traveler reveals this and nine more ways to save on your travel in 2010.

Airlines increase checked baggage fees

Travelers can expect their wallets to be squeezed yet again as US Airways and Continental increase their checked baggage fees:

US Airways says it will increase fees for first and second checked bags by $5 for domestic flights. And both airlines say they will levy new fees for a second checked bag on trans-Atlantic flights.

US Airways now will charge $20, instead of $15, for the first checked bag and $30, up from $25, for the second, when bags are checked online. Travelers who check bags at the airport will pay $25 for the first and $35 for the second -- an extra $5 per bag.

Continental will join US Airways in exacting a $50 second checked-bag fee on trans-Atlantic flights, echoing recent moves by American and Delta.  (

Flying the friendly skies just got a little unfriendlier.