Artisanal Grilled Cheese Contest

Artisanal Grilled Cheese Contest winner takes cake & eats it too

Minor celebrity does terrible things to people. 

They say any publicity is better than none, but I wonder if this is really the kind of publicity Terrance Brennan had in mind when he dreamed up his little grilled cheese contest.

This posting from winner Eric Zawacki  on Grub Street:

Its Eric Zawacki, and I smashed the competition. The Sandwich is Taleggio with Cherry Mostarda And Arugula. The most wretched sandwich was probably the idiot who used bleu cheese or two others that looked like shit. Go and try the winner.

Zawacki may have culinary talent, but he could use a healthy dose of humility and more than a pinch of graciousness.  

I'm certain he'll enjoy the meal he won at Artisanal Bistro - by himself.