Win tickets to the NY Asian Film Festival

Taking place June 19 to July 5 at IFC Center and Japan Society in NYC, the New York Asian Film Festival features over 50 films, shorts, and special events, and more than a dozen guest filmmakers.

The New York Times says it's "one of the city's most valuable events", The Village Voice says it's the "city's favorite volcanic pulp-film festival", and Time Out New York's stated "paradise is found at the New York Asian Film Festival."

The New York Asian Film Festival packs together over 50 of Asia's biggest, best, and most bizarre films, and whether you're a serious cinephile or just looking for something cool to do, you've got to check it out. Skim through this year's films right here.

The New York Comic Con and the New York Anime Festival, supporters of the event, are raffling off a pair of tickets to both YOROI SAMURAI ZOMIBE and 20TH CENTURY BOYS – PARTS 1 AND 2.

YOROI SAMURAI ZOMBIE features a unch of rotting, samurai zombies who rise from the grave and go after a happy little family on their vacation. Throw in some heavily-armed crooks on the run and a gaggle of mentally-unbalanced cops and garnish with hard-rocking horror action. For a pair of tickets to the June 26th screening at 9:45 PM at IFC Center, just click here to enter before the midnight June 21. We'll be picking the winner on June 22.

Imagine the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy with giant robots and religious cults instead of wizards and orcs and you've got 20TH CENTURY BOYS. It's the story of a gang of seventh graders in 1969 who hide in their secret clubhouse and listen to T. Rex while making up stories about saving the world from super villains. Flash forward to the future and their imaginary stories are coming true, and the broken down salarymen and convenience store managers they've become realize they've got to come together to save the world. For a  pair of tickets to the 11:45 AM double feature on July 4 at Japan Society,  click here  to enter before the end of June 30. We'll be picking the winner on July 1.

Japanese actor Eiji Okuda and director Sion Sono will be making an appearance at Kinokuniya Bookstore (1073 Avenue of the Americas) on July 3 at 4:30 PM.

Both Okuda and Sono will be in NYC as guests of the New York Asian Film Festival, and they'll be at Kinokuniya to speak about their careers and their work together on their newest film, BE SURE TO SHARE, which will receive its World Premiere on Sunday, July 5 at 8:15 PM at Japan Society. The film is being co-presented as part of Japan Society's JAPAN CUTS Festival of New Japanese Film.

No Recipes presents April's Dinner & a Movie

We say these two would make a tasty addition to any meal

We love clever contests here at E.D.M. and this one is just about the cutest and cleverest we've seen lately.

Dinner & a Movie pairs the creative kitchen antics of a foodie community with a monthly movie selected by FoodBuzz members Susan from Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy and Marc from No Recipes.

To participate, movie buffs who cook view the flick then make a dish that is inspired by the film. The meal and recipe are posted to the film-foodie fan's site along with this ticket, admitting one.Your admission to the show
Posts are made by the 20th of the month and then a recipe round-up is posted by the event's host (either Marc or Susan).  

Previous Dinner & a Movie posts: Chocolat and Moonstruck.  

We're smitten.