food inspired design

iCarly's bedroom is so Candyland we love it!

ICarly gummi motif is yummi! I'm just a  teenage girl at heart.

Watching iCarly with my son is a guilty pleasure.  Carly's adorable, smart and funny - and lives in Seattle. 

For those of you who don't have tween kids, Carly is a  tech geek who produces her own web show with BFFs Freddie and Sam, doing ridiculous stunts that only a tween (and his childlike Mommy) could love.

Of course, everyone loves her.  She lives in an adult-free home and what tween doesn't dream of that (theoretically adult & older but goofy brother Spencer counter doesn't). 

Until this week, all we've ever seen is the set of iCarly and the home's living room.  Carly's bedroom was  like the secret garden.

Not any more.  It's a tween girl dream. Sweet!

Personally, I'd be happy with the purple bed with built-in custom speakers. Though I could do without the Church Pants & Ointment 500 pillows, I love the bedding with its gray, pink and purple modern floral duvet and its bird-on-a-telephone-wire pillow covers.

But most of all, I love the gummi motif and Candyland atmosphere.