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Norman Love Confections Unveils New Flavors

Simply delicious Norman Love Confections Seven new handcrafted white, milk and dark chocolate flavors have been introduced into award-winning Norman Love Confections' (NLC) 2009 product line complete with 36 flavors and its new ultra-premium dark chocolate line titled BLACK.

New 2009 flavors include: Banana Nut Bread; Chocolate Pretzel; Creole Truffle; Honey Toffee Truffle; Key Lime Shell; Passion Panna Cotta; and Toasted Almond.

Chocolatier and founder of NLC Norman Love explains that through a collaborative process, his team works to put together identifiable single flavors stemming from American foods and beverages.

"Regardless of the new flavors we focus on making each piece of premium chocolate perfect with the freshest ingredients," Love says. "We also try our best to transfer the flavor profile with an aesthetic. Americans eat with their eyes, so delivering a visual wow factor in addition to the taste wow is critical

The 2009 new flavors focus on comfort foods and popular American dishes. "Many of us have memories of our mom or grandmother as a child from the kitchen," Love states. "Who cannot recall the fresh baked smell of banana nut bread?"

Following is a description of the newly unveiled 2009 flavors:

Banana Nut Bread: A rich banana ganache with roasted walnuts and a touch of vanilla.

Chocolate Pretzel: A fun and flavorful pairing crunchy baked pretzels and rich dark chocolate.

Creole Truffle: A 49% dark Venezuelan Chocolate made from Criolo beans and blended with cream and butter.

Honey Toffee Truffle
: A buttery vanilla toffee ganache made with Tasmanian Honey and blended with Swiss milk chocolate.

Key Lime Shell: Classic and simple, made with fresh key lime juice and the feeling of a little Florida sunshine with each bite.

Passion Panna Cotta: A light buttermilk ganache layered with passion fruit and vanilla jam covered in white chocolate.

Toasted Almond: Roasted almonds blended into a Swiss white chocolate ganache and accented with a touch of amaretto and Kahlua.

All of NLC's regular assorted boxes are available in 10-, 15-, 18-, 25- and 36-piece boxes starting at $22 for the 10-piece box (prices do not including shipping and applicable taxes).

For those visiting NLC's chocolate salon in Ft. Myers, Florida, they can indulge in a piece of luxury for as little as $1.50.

Have you had your recommended daily allowance of almonds today?

Almonds promote a healthier heart 

An almond a day keeps the doctor away.

And that's exactly what Kenneth M. Lankin, MD, wants.  The physician behind Awesome Almonds, the healthy and natural specialty snack, was raised by a health conscious Mom who was a head of her time. 

"My brother and I used to get sandwiches on brown wheat bread and some fruit," Lankin writes. "At the time we felt persecuted.  We thought our mother was strange."  After he began learning about the nutritive value of almonds in 2001, the physician-entrepreneur discovered his Mom was way ahead of the curve.

With no added fats, artificial colors or preservatives, Awesome Almonds are made with all natural ingredients: almonds, pure beet sugar, real vanilla extract, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee and orange juice.  As a source of nutrition they are high in protein, unsaturated fat, dietary fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium.

Almonds are perfect for a heart healthy diet and have been recognized for their cholesterol-lowering properties in scientific studies.

According to the Foundation for the World's Healthiest Foods, nuts have been linked to lower risk for heart disease by five independent studie, including the Nurses Health Study, the Iowa Health Study, the Adventist Health Study and the Physicians Health Study.

Awesome Almonds come in three flavors: Cinnamon Vanilla, Cocoa Java and Orange Vanilla.

Have you had your RDA (recommended daily almonds) today?

Slow Food London presents a Southbank edible feast

Hold your horses...Slow Down London 

Southbank Centre’s Food Market presents the Slow Feast, Sunday May 3.

Dawdle the afternoon away and put together your own edible feast, selecting from an array of artisan food and drink vendors.  

Gather family and friends for a meal along the Festival Riverside, in the adjacent Jubilee Gardens or on Southbank Centre Square itself.

The feast is the brainchild of Slow Down London – a new project to inspire Londoners to challenge the cult of speed and to appreciate the world around us. And the market will be packed with excellent produce to help make it happen. 

According to market organizer, Silvija Davidson, 40 stalls will furnish fresh mezze and salads, new season English tomatoes, the last of the Native oysters, olives, platters of salumi/charcuterie and cheeses from England and the continent. Those preferring cooked comestibles may select from chargrilled new season English asparagus, sautéed mushrooms, fennel-roasted pork, seafood paella, spicy stir fries, 21-day hung, grass-fed beef or rare breed lamb. Home-made cakes, baklawa or freshly flipped pancakes offer a final sweet finish.

“You’ll find everything that you need from craft bakery bread and farm butter, even down to basics like a drizzle of salad dressing, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper," Davidson said


Dates and times:

The Food Market runs from Friday to Monday, May 1-4, from 11-8 each day (6 pm on the Monday) and is located on Southbank Centre Square outside the Royal Festival Hall (alongside Belvedere Road). A program of free access demos, tastings and workshops runs each day.

Eat mor chikin

Eat mor chikn When Truett Cathy opened the doors of the Dwarf Grill in the tiny rural town of Hapeville, GA in 1946, he probably didn't envision how one fried, secretly seasoned, and boneless chicken filet would change the course of his life.

Today, the cows (the stars of his humorous marketing campaign) love Cathy because the restaurateur's 1,340 quick-service chicken restaurant locations in 37 states and Washington, DC mean fewer people are asking, "Where's the beef?"

It's a simple sandwich, toasted bun, dill pickle and that delicious boneless fried chicken breast filet. Like another more visible Southern gentleman, the Chic-fil-A is cooked with a secret blend of herbs and  spices. Whatever the secret is (and I suspect it's deep-fried), I always have a Chic-fil-A when I'm back home because, sadly enough, you can't get them where I live.

And recently I had the thrill of leaving the flagship Chic-fil-A store in its Georgia hometown through the Dwarf Door (better suited for kindergarteners than a nearly 50-year-old woman, but you're as young as you feel, eh).

While I am not a  huge fan of fast food (and you'll note Cathy says "quick-service"), I love me a Chic-fil-A. 

Low brow is the new high brow when you can save the life of a party cow.