housemade pizza

If Pete were a pizza, he'd be this one

I love the kid's book by William Steig, Pete's a Pizza

The story goes like this: a grumpy kid gets made into a pizza by his clever Dad. Charming! 

If Pete were a pizza, he'd be this one. Just the sound of this music makes me happy. Forget about how happy the boy and I were tucking into this roasted corn, shiitake mushroom & roasted pepper pizza last night.

I love the simplicity of picking up a bag of dough-ready-to-go at Trader Joe's (and you can't beat the price at $.99). We usually grab a couple of bags - one for now and one for later which gets tossed in the freezer. 

On nights I'm pressed for time, I can whip one of these gorgeous gourmet & homemade pizzas in minutes, and serve it with a simple green salad. 

There are no dishes to speak of and a slice or two left over for lunch the next day. The result is a smiling, happy Mom on pizza night.