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Thanksgiving 2010 Holiday recipe round-up

Barefoot Contessa's Roasted Shrimp Cocktail We're moving the week before Thanksgiving, so I anticipate the first meals in our new home to be served on paper plates atop cardboard boxes.

I could care less!

We're moving into a great little house with a spacious backyard, an adorable side porch, and a fireplace! As long as the fireplace is crackling, I'm good. 

But, I realize the rest of the world is scrambling for menu ideas. 

Me too, even if I'm not going to go crazy trying to have everything in place day of.

Still, a woman can dream about the next big meal, the one where she's made that fab recycled wood table from ReadyMade, and everyone is gathered together to count their blessings.   And on the table a beautiful glistening browned bird. 

Oh, the sumptuous sides. Oh, the delicious desserts. Oh the stories we'll tell. 

Heres'a holiday recipe round-up for making your own nostalgic moments.

Photo courtesy of The Food Network

No Recipes presents April's Dinner & a Movie

We say these two would make a tasty addition to any meal

We love clever contests here at E.D.M. and this one is just about the cutest and cleverest we've seen lately.

Dinner & a Movie pairs the creative kitchen antics of a foodie community with a monthly movie selected by FoodBuzz members Susan from Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy and Marc from No Recipes.

To participate, movie buffs who cook view the flick then make a dish that is inspired by the film. The meal and recipe are posted to the film-foodie fan's site along with this ticket, admitting one.Your admission to the show
Posts are made by the 20th of the month and then a recipe round-up is posted by the event's host (either Marc or Susan).  

Previous Dinner & a Movie posts: Chocolat and Moonstruck.  

We're smitten.