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Contigo travel mug goes 'conmigo' - everywhere

Contigo travel mugs go everywhere 'conmigo'

Without a doubt, my brother was on target with my holiday gifts this year.  I suspect he had an elf on my shelf to see exactly what I was doing and thinking at all times.

My favorite color - green - popped up in a really nice hoodie sweater.  A lovely bottle of Pinot Grigio appeared.  There were pounds of coffee too.  And he got me a new coffee grinder - hands free, adjustable grind, and with a retractable cord!  

But what I'm using most right now are two handle-less hot or cold brushed steel travel mugs from Contigo. I love them because they're ordinary useful items and they're just so pretty.

Each holds 16 ounces of liquids - and keeps them either nice and toasty hot or very chilly for extended periods of time.  The mugs auto seal, no spills, baby, and have a nifty push-button to release your beverage of choice.

Plus, they're green and that's good for you as well as Mother Earth. Leak-proof, spill-proof and thermal. I'll never wear beverage stains again.

A set of two retails for $19.99

My brother is a pretty fantastic fellow.